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Notifications by Phone

There has been an outpour of concern with text notification and telephone notifications through WPWA. We wanted to take this opportunity to give the information to our customers.  We do have the ability to push a notification out through our utility billing system. However, you must have current and up to date information on your account. To ensure the information is correct on your account you will need to contact WPWA at 918-485-4586 to have it updated. Also, we have to have employees in the public works office in order to do such a notification. We do not have the ability to do it remotely from our homes. This notification system also takes time to accomplish. With us losing power at minutes notice we are unable to get the information out before our computers are being shutdown due to loss of power. We are giving as much notice as we are getting. As soon as we are notified we only have a short window to inform the public, in attempting to through Facebook is the quickest way to get information out to the public.