Street Department

The Street department is a robust part of the Wagoner community which has various responsibilities in the role of maintaining infrastructure and community living. The department works hard to maintain streets and repair potholes, as well as oversee city street signage. They also manage ditch repair and drainage as well as city driveway development and alley clearing. 

Another function of the street department is the set up and breakdown of city-wide holiday decor, including Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Christmas. The street department is in charge of setting up stages and barricades for specific events, programs and parades for the City of Wagoner. 

City clean-up programs are administered by the Street Department, as well as new and old tin horn replacement, snow and ice removal in the winter time and maintenance of the Christmas light decorations throughout the city. The Street Department also assists with opening and closing the City Waterpark for the season and general maintenance.

City Maintenance Request Form (Tin Horns/Ditch, Sign, Water Park, Ice/Snow Maintenance)
Thomas Applegate:  Street Department Supervisor