Mayor of Wagoner

Mayor Albert Jones
Office  918-485-2554, Ext. 231

Term expires 2023

Jones is a Wagoner business owner, opening Atlas Land Office with partner, Roy Bingham, on Historic Main Street in August 2013 after a thirteen-year career with HRAOK, Inc. as manager of the surveying department. He graduated from Wagoner High School before studying drafting and surveying in college. He is a registered Oklahoma Professional Land Surveyor and Certified Floodplain Manager, and has served as the President of the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors.

Message from the Mayor

If you’ve found this letter, chances are you are looking into the Historic City of Wagoner for any number of great reasons. Before you get done reading these words, I want it to be clear that we in Wagoner love this community and that you belong in this city – even if it’s just for a visit.

Ringing in my head each morning, right along with my alarm clock, is the phrase: “Cette ville est ma famille” – French for “This city is my family.” The sentiment stays at the forefront of my mind each and every day that I serve as mayor, though me feeling that way did not start when I was elected into this office in 2015, but when I was born here, manifesting throughout my raising in this great city.

In these great United States of America, we have the fortune of living in a democracy, and you voted me to be your leader. We are family. And as it goes with family, there must be accountability. I expect every single one of you to hold me accountable at becoming a better leader for you each day. There will be disagreements. There will be strife, struggle and sacrifice, but in good families there is also success. Wagoner is a good family, and as do all good families, we whole-heartedly welcome newcomers.

As the leader of this city, my goal is to put systems in place that allow us all to work together as a family – every citizen, every administrator, every employee on every street, in every home and every day. You live in a great city. Be proud of that. I’m proud to serve you. My door is always open.

So … on behalf of our Council, our Administrative Staff and our City and Public Works employees it is my pleasure to welcome you to Wagoner – the first city incorporated in Indian Territory.

I invite you to discover the many great things this fine city has to offer. We are a thriving agricultural community with a local shipping port, bisected by two railways, a 3,400-linear foot asphalt city airport all located at the intersection of two major highways, US 69 and SH 51 and the historic 1910 Jefferson Highway (SH 16).

Our lake has 19,990 surface acres and 225 miles of shoreline. We also have a public hunting area that covers 21,798 acres, with 3,500 acres devoted to a waterfowl refuge.

Wagoner is home to great family events such as the Bluegrass & Chili Festival, Brews, Summerfest, fishing tournaments and you have to see us at Christmas time!

Our downtown is home to the Wagoner County courthouse, gift shops, local and franchised restaurants, first class hometown newspaper, antique shopping, local pharmacists and several professional businesses. Our forward thinking and progressive economic development authority is currently developing potential retail sites along our economic corridors.

Our emergency medical first responders, city ambulance service, well-trained fire department and dedicated police force together with Wagoner Community Hospital provides swift attention and expert emergency response.

Our state of the art water plant can deliver 5 million gallons of water per day. The Wagoner Public Works Authority is dedicated to updating our water, sewer and electrical infrastructure to meet the needs of future development and to improve the quality of life for our existing citizens.

It is our commitment to you to continue to make Wagoner a great community in which to live, work or visit. Here, and as part of our family, you can enjoy the friendliness of a small town coupled with the benefits of a growing, thriving city.


Albert “AJ” Jones, III