Code Compliance

The City of Wagoner Code Compliance Division oversees and enforces the City of Wagoner Code of Ordinances related to property maintenance and land use violations. The City of Wagoner has a duty to promote and maintain a safe and clean environment for our citizens.

Primary Responsibilities

Inoperable, unlicensed or abandoned vehicles
Nuisance Abatement
Safety Issues
Tall Grass/Weeds
Unsafe Structures
Stagnant Water
Land Use/Zoning Violations

The City of Wagoner Dumpster Schedule:  Every Thursday & Friday 8a-3p    Every Other Saturday beginnng
April 29   8a-4p.   Example:  
Saturday Dates:  May 13, May 27, June 10, June 24 (every two weeks) unless notifed
of change.

Please note the following items are not allowed to be disposed of in the City Dumpster:   Yard Waste (limbs, brush, leaves), tires, paint, chemicals, batteries, concrete/rocks and lumber.   Please provide at the time of disposal:  Driver's license or ID and a copy of your previous utility bill.  

Ordinances and Regulations

The current Code of Ordinances  and Zoning Codes adopted by the City of Wagoner. The Codes cover- building codes, business regulations, animal regulations, planning, zoning, utilities etc. . Questions may be directed to the City Inspector or 918485-2554


Click here:    
2023 City of Wagoner Code of Ordinances 1-3-2023

Zoning Code -City of Wagoner-  Final-  6-2020

Storm Water Ordinances

Sub-Division Regulations

Water/Sewer Regulations

Street Surfacing Requirements

Reporting a Violation

If you observe a code violation or have a question pertaining to city ordinances, you can Report a Concern online or contact the inspector directly.