City of Wagoner

A government exists to serve its people. The Contact Us page provides contact information for city departments as well as a form to contact the City directly. If you have a problem or concern you would like to report to the appropriate department, please Report a Concern. If you have witnessed a crime or suspicious activity you would like to report, please Report a Crime Tip.

Most of the business conducted between the citizens of Wagoner and their city is either at City Hall located at 231 Church St. or at the Wagoner Public Works Authority (WPWA) at 100 S. Gertrude. Both offices are open Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Electric and water utility bills are applied for and paid at the WPWA office. To report water or electric problems contact the WPWA office. After hours, weekends and holidays report problems to the Wagoner Police Department.

Municipal Court is held at the City Hall office. Dates and times of court appearances are written on the ticket by the Officer.

City Administrator

Charles “Dwayne” Elam is the City Administrator and the Public Works/Utility Director for the Wagoner Public Works Authority.  He started with the Wagoner Public Works in November 2006. Prior to coming to the WPWA, Elam had previously operated in the private sector in management utilizing his environmental degree through the development and enforcement of environmental, health, safety and industrial management for Optima Batteries. Serving for more than 10 years as the Utilities Director for the City of Wagoner, effective July 2017 Elam assumed the dual role of City Administrator, which encompassed duties for both the Public Works/Utility Director and the City Superintendent for the City of Wagoner.

Elam’s vast knowledge of Environmental Science and Operational Management allows him to maintain the integrity of dual roles, which also exemplifies his exceptional work ethic.  His duties for the City of Wagoner include coordinating and financing the public works and city departments and activities.  These include directing and coordinating eight public works departments and 11 city departments, including electric, water/wastewater distribution and water production and disposal. Elam also oversees the maintenance of the equipment fleet and grounds of all public works structures as well as the recruiting and benefits of 126 personnel.  City duties include the street and sidewalk repair maintenance of parks and city owned properties, transportation and emergency services as well as the Public Library, Museum and Community buildings.  Some of Elam’s greatest achievements at the City of Wagoner/Wagoner Public Works Authority are the upgrade and purchase of AMI’s/AMR’s, secured funding and oversight of the construction of an $8 million dollar pulsating water plant and initiating a cost rate study for both electric utilities and water/wastewater services.  Under Elam’s direction, Wagoner was the only city to win EPA’s Region 6 Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund of 2010 through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act fund in 2008 for deteriorating infrastructure.

Elam is an Oklahoma native with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Northeastern State University and holds four “A” licenses from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  He is a member of the National Registry of Professionals, the Vice-Chair of the GRDA customer group of Municipalities, Board member of the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma whom serves as Executive Director (MESO), Board of Director for Grand River Dam Authority and is a member of the City Manager Association of Oklahoma as well as Oklahoma Rural Water Association.

Elam is passionate about preserving and improving reliable Energy and Clean Water for the future generations of Oklahomans.  He works closely with State and Local elected officials as well as various agencies to secure reliable power and clean water for all future Oklahoman’s.