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The city dumpster is available Thursdays & Fridays  from 8am-3pm. and every other Saturday (beginning April 29).  from 8a-4p.  Dumpster is located at SE 3rd Street. This free opportunity is open to residents inside of city limits only. Residents will need to provide a valid driver's license/ID and a copy of your recent electric bill at the time of disposal.

Please note the following items are NOT allowed in our dumpster: Yard waste (limbs, brush, leaves), tires, paint, chemicals, batteries, concrete/rocks, and lumber.

Here are some solutions to the disposal of batteries, paint, and chemicals.

Batteries and Scrap Metal:

Budget Wrecker and Recycling
201 S Inola
Wagoner, OK 74467

Used Paint and Chemicals:

Tulsa Household Pollutant Collection Facility
4502 S Galveston Ave
Tulsa, OK 74107
(918) 591-4325

Who Can Use This Program

For Households Only (No Businesses). Residents living in the City of Wagoner and unincorporated Tulsa County can obtain a voucher from the Metropolitan Environmental Trust (918) 584-0584 to drop off the first 45 lbs. of pollutants free of charge. If the weight is over 45 lbs, a disposal fee will be outlined below. Residents of these communities must obtain a voucher number before dropping off pollutants. Non-Tulsa Resident Pricing: $1.33 per pound The disposal fee can be paid 

with Mastercard or Visa. Restrictions: Disposal fees can be paid with Mastercard or Visa only. If you want to dispose of Latex paint, you MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO DROP OFF.

To dispose of latex paint at home, simply remove the lid in a well-ventilated area and let the paint solidify. Depending on the amount of paint, this may take several days to weeks. Once the paint is solidified and there is no liquid left in the container, it can be disposed of in your normal trash.


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