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The City of Wagoner is requesting quotes for the demolition of 10 structures (PLEASE CONTACT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES FOR THE LIST):

Quotes shall include the removal of structure(s) and debris from each property listed below. This can include, but is not limited to, storm shelters, fences, trash, foundations, footings, driveways, accessory structures, and other debris. All materials and debris removed from the property are to be hauled in an appropriate manner to a state approved landfill, a copy of the landfill tickets will need to be turned in before payment is processed. At the completion of the job, the lot must be able to be mowed. This can require dirt to be brought into level the site.  Sewer lines must be capped and inspected. Permits are required to be obtained before the start of the project. Properties are to be quoted separately but can all be listed on one sheet; the City of Wagoner can remove any structure from the list at any time. Contractors are required to be insured and/ or bonded and provide copies to the City of Wagoner upon request. Utility location is the responsibility of the contractor and is required before the start of the project. All properties must be completed and inspected within 60 days of the award.

These quotes will be due by 3:00 PM on June 25th, 2024. Please bring them to City Hall at 231 Church St. Wagoner, OK 74467 in a sealed envelope or they will be rejected. They will then be stamped over the seal with a time and date stamp. The quotes will be opened and reviewed immediately after the deadline. Contractors are more than welcome to stay for the review of the quotes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Zwirtz, Director of Development Services at 918-485-2554 or 918-260-3896.

Please quote each property individually. Properties can be pulled from the list at any time.

The City of Wagoner will request a copy of the list of all equipment available to complete these jobs, insurance information, and/or bonding information. The City of Wagoner has a right to refuse any and all quotes.

For any questions, please contact Jessica Zwirtz, Development Services Director, at 918-260-3896 (call or text), 918-485-2554, or by email at

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