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City begins Asphalt Repair Project

The Wagoner City Council, along with Mayor Albert Jones, City Administrator Dwayne Elam, the Street Department and Special Projects Department have adopted a new method for laying asphalt which will provide longer lasting repairs and includes a moisture barrier to safeguard the asphalt from continuous water damage.

The City hired a professional engineering firm that deals with asphalt to “grade/rate” the streets in the community from a 1-5, with 1 being the poorest condition. The new method will involve working on the poorest streets first to get them back in good condition.

The City will notify those in the area that their section is going to be under construction. The construction process will take longer than it has in the past due to laying down a water barrier to protect the street and allowing the asphalt to cool completely to eliminate rutting.

There will be an outside inspection of the aggregate to make sure the appropriate mix and temperature is being used to ensure the best results. The City is also creating an inventory system to track repairs. Drives and cross streets will be milled and corrected as well to eliminate the bumps.

The asphalt repair project is starting June 7th. Please drive carefully around our employees and flag men who are working on the project. DO NOT go around a barrier or down a blocked off road. This will not only get oil on the vehicle but will break the moisture barrier and potentially delay the project or require that it be redone. Please drive around the construction zone until the asphalt repair is complete and the road has been opened back up.

The City has released the following schedule/path for the asphalt repair project. These areas were a part of the engineer's "grading" system, which identified the worst streets and those in the most need of repair.

This list designates the order that the repairs will be made, from top to bottom, to give the public a better idea of whether or not their street/road will be affected. As you can see the project is broken down into small parts, to take into consideration the need for traffic movement and to accommodate residents and parking as much as possible during the repairs. Once a section of road is complete, the street department will move to the next section on the list.

E of 305, Cherokee to NE 1st
E of 302, NE 1st to NE 2nd
E of 301, NE 2nd to Bulldog Circle
NW of 301, Bulldog Circle to end
N of 348A, McQuarrie to S. Story Ave.
N of 349, S. Story Ave. to S. Bennett Ave.
N of 350, S. Bennett Ave. to S. Cohn Ave.
N of 351, S. Cohn Ave. to S. Proctor Ave.
N of 352, S. Proctor Ave to S. Bettes Ave.
N of 353, S. Bettes Ave. to S. Sprague Ave.
N of 354, S. Sprague Ave. to S. Ward Ave.
E of 343, Cherokee St. to E. Church St.
E of 363, S. Church St. to SE 2nd St.
W of 147, NE 8th St. to NE 7th St.
W of 170, NE 7th St. to end
W of 70, NW 11th St. to NW 10th St.
W of 123, NW 9th St. to NW 8th St.
W of 143, NW 8th St. to NW 7th St.
W of 174, NW 7th St. to NW 6th St.
W of 395, NW 6th St. to NW. 5th St.
W of 223, NW 5th St. to NW 4th St.
W of 72, NW 11th St. to NW 10th St.
W of 325, Cherokee to Hospital
S of 365, S. Lincoln Ave to S. Buchanan Ave.
S of 365, S. Buchanan Ave. to S. Pierce Ave.
S of 430, S. Pierce Ave. to S. Taylor Ave.
S of 431, S Taylor Ave to S. Filmore Ave.

If you have additional questions, please call the WPWA office at 918-485-4586. Thank you for your patience as we work to continually improve our infrastructure and the overall quality of life for our community!