Special Events/Visit Wagoner

The office of Special Events is responsible for processing applications for Special Events within the City limits of Wagoner.
A Special Event is a temporary event, gathering or organized activity on City property, City Streets, or requires City Services.
Application for permits may be obtained via the City's website or at City Hall- 231 Church Street.

This office also serves as the Tourism / Visitors Department forthe City of Wagoner. 
E-mail:   visitwagoner@wagonerok.org

Inventory Control

The City of Wagoner/Wagoner Public Works Authority is located at 320 S E 3rd Street on the East end of the city complex. 

Materials and supplies are delivered to this facility and checked in and logged in to inventory by the inventory clerk.  Employees check out supplies as needed and the clerk keeps an updated inventory of materials.

Fleet Maintenance

The City of Wagoner's Fleet Maintenance Department is located at 310 SE. 3rd St. 

All city-owned vehicles and equipment are maintained out of this facility, including Police, Fire and EMS. The department provides regular preventative maintenance as well as all other repairs and maintenance of city equipment and has a fully equipped shop truck which handles outside repairs on job sites. 

Ten electric generators throughout the city are maintained by the department, as well as water and disposal plants in the event of power failures.