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Fall Clean-up time!  City offering free dumpster.

The City of Wagoner is offering a free dumpster.  Saturday, October 12 is the last day!
Wagoner residents can use the dumpster for free.  Must present photo ID and a utility bill.
Dumpster is located at SE 3rd and Main.  Hours:  M-F 8:00a-7:00p.  Saturday:  8a-4p.

Please Note-- Dumpsite rules and regulations:  The City will not accept oil, oil products, paint, batteries or any other waste product which might contaminate the compound area.  Please ask the attendant before attempting to discard.
Trash & metal shall be seperated by party using service and put in proper container.
Trash dumpsters will accept general household waste such as our daily service picks up.
Metal dumpster will accept not only metals but discarded appliances, refrigerators, etc.  Please note compressors have to be removed.
No tree limbs or brush will be accepted at this site.
Small vehicle tire will be accepted- no mounted tires will be allowed, no tractor or truck tires in the dump area-they will not be accepted at the disposal unit.

Great opportunity to make your fall yard/garage look spectacular.

City of Wagoner helping you to keep Wagoner looking good!