Gayla Wright 
Phone: 918-231-4469
Term Expires: 2025

Councilor Wright loves her hometown and understands the importance of community service. Gayla enjoys being involved in the city projects and helping its residents in any way she can. Councilor Wright is a longtime citizen of Wagoner, Oklahoma. She attended school here all her life, then attended Northeastern State University to graduate with a Business Administration degree with a minor in accounting and management. Gayla went to work at Fort Howard Paper Mill while attending college 
to become a manager for KFC for 34 years. She was manager of the year top 10 in 50 states over 15 times throughout her career at KFC. She bases decisions on whether they are suited for Wagoner and will be beneficial in the long run. Gayla understands the financial needs and demands of running, growing, and maintaining a city and knows that making informed decisions for the future is the only way for a city to prosper. She is also a member of the Martin Luther King and attends church at St. John Baptist in Gibson Station. She was a fighter from breast cancer in 2004 and 2023. She says, "The fighter is what finally got Lincoln Park almost where it should have been years ago with the help of her park community." Gayly said her motto is "We are doer of his word".


Anthony Wagoner

Term Expires 2027

Anthony D. Wagoner is one of the city councilmen representative for Ward 2 and the owner of Wagoner Pest Control. He has been a long standing member of several different civic organizations and has shown leadership and dedication to these commitments throughout the years. 

Wagoner is the chairman of the Wagoner Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and is a past board member and Treasurer of the Wagoner Economic Development Authority. Wagoner is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the Wagoner community and to the citizens who reside therein.