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Mosquito Spraying Begins

The City of Wagoner Street Department will begin spraying for mosquitos.  With the recent rains and cooler weather mosquito control is so important.
Spraying will be Monday-Thursday each week. 
Monday:  NE quadrant, Tuesday, SW, Wednesday, NW and
Thursday will be SE quadrant:  6:30-9:30p  Weather permitting:  (no rain or windy conditions). 
Should a night be missed due to weather, it will be sprayed on Friday.
You can do your part by empyting standing water, checking/cleaning/disposing of  ditches, fields, containers, old tires, birdbaths, garbage can lids, clogged gutters and even pet food bowls.  These are favorite mosquito habitats.
Help us say no to mosquitos!!!!

City of Wagoner making things better for its residents!!!