Using the Online Catalog

To use our online catalog, you will need to sign in to your account using your patron ID number (found on the back of your library card), and your phone number ( do not use the area code, spaces, or dashes... (ex. 4852126) that is listed in our system. If you do not know either of these numbers you can call the circulation desk and we will assist you. 

You can use this link to renew your books, put books on reserve, order from inter-library loan, or update your phone number.   

eBook Download Instructions for Your Devices

Overdrive Downloading Step by Step for Ipad, Android, Tablet, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, Nook Color, and Smart Phones

Overdrive Downloading Step by Step for older model Kindles

Overdrive Downloading Step by Step for older model Nooks

Checking Out and Returning Books

Now that you have set up your account, this how you continue with E-books.

  1. Go into your overdrive app
  2. Click the O in the top left corner
  3. Click bookshelf
  4. Click add a book
  5. Search for a book
  6. Once you have found a book click on it
  7. Click Borrow
  8. Click Sign in
  9. Click download
  10. Choose E-Pub
  11. Click confirm and download
  12. Click O in the left top corner
  13. Click Bookshelf
  14. Enjoy Reading

How to return your book