Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant is located at 68474 S 320 Rd  in Wagoner, OK. The drinking water for the City of Wagoner is treated at this facility through a multi-level treatment process. 

First, the facility pumps raw lake water into clarifiers. Coagulants are added during this part of the process, which combine with the dirt in the water and aid in collection and removal of the particles by making them bigger. Next, the water goes to the filter process, which removes the smaller particles. The plant then adds chlorine as a disinfectant before the water is stored in a clearwell and distributed into town. 

The Water Treatment Plant currently has four employees who work two shifts. They perform general maintenance and cleaning throughout the facility, which includes changing oil in the pumps, changing air and oil filters, calibrating meters, and general cleaning, sweeping, washing and lawn care throughout the summer. City employees at the Water Treatment Plant are required to have a minimum of four hours of training per year to maintain their water license. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wagoner Wastewater Plant is located at 76131 S. 4270 Road in Wagoner, and the phone number to the plant is 918-485-2063.

The facility was moved from town in the 1970’s to its new location, and an expansion was done in 1997.  This facility is a mechanical plant, meaning activated sludge, extended aeration, aerobic sledge digestion, sludge disposal and landfill are all part of the methods used to facilitate treatment. The Wagoner WasteWater plant is designed to receive the flow of two million gallons per day. 

There are a series of tests that are performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure the water that is treated will meet state DEQ and federal EPA standards. The plant renews its permit every five years, completes performance quality-control testing each year and receives yearly compliance evaluations from the state of Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.